VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT for SRSP Senior planning reconciliation and strategy Advisor

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The position is senior advisor planning and reconciliation



Banadir regional admiration.

Somalia State-building and Reconciliation Program (SRSP)


Terms of Reference (ToR BRA Senior advisor planning and strategy at BRA )


Background & Context.

 Benaadir Regional Administration, popularly referred to as Mogadishu municipality, is the capital of the Republic Of Somalia. The city, governed by a mayor, is divided into 17 districts. And three communal Districts are Abdiaziz, Bondhere, Daynile, Hamar- Jajab, Hamar-Weyne, Hodan, Howl-Wadag, Hiliwa, Kaxda, Karan, Shangani, Shibis, Waberi, Wadajir, Warta Nabada, Yaqshid and Dharkenley other three communal are Daru-salaam. Gubadley and Garasbaley.


Summary of duties and responsibilities are:


  • To establish a functioning Policy, the planning and Strategy Office of the Mayor of Mogadishu and the Governor of the Banadir Region BRA work in accordance with BRA administrative office procedures and also work with the BRA departments to give guidance and advise them.
  • To provide advice and support as mandatory for key coordination meetings. Advise and support the BRA when attending key strategic government meetings and engagements. as well as working with local and international partners in FGS for institutional development to represent the role of BRA planning, policy, and strategy in overall engagement.
  • Develop a schedule of key priorities for BRA policies, strategies, and pieces of legislation to be drafted or reviewed, aligned with the FGS priorities that are required to make the local government and Banadir Region institutions more efficient and thus contribute to the implementation of BRA and the office of the Mayor.
  • Assist the effective implementation of NDP-9 activities by ensuring activities are in line with FGS, FMS, and BRA strategic priorities and are well coordinated with appropriate line ministries, DGs Forums, and donor programs, ensuring that the plan, goals, and objectives are met and understood by the community, even during rapid periods of change in Mogadishu local government, and representing BRA activities and planning.
  • through workshops on Coordination, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Provide strategic and technical advice to the Mayor and BRA leadership on key issues such as sector reform, governance, resilience, and economic budget planning. Reconciliation and social development, social coherence community engagement, reconciliation plans decentralization Democratization and state-building include political inclusiveness.
  • Manage, monitor, and provide oversight to ensure and implement the policies, rules, regulations, and instructions periodically issued by the BRA/MOM.
  • Prepare the planning districts’ development communities for reconciliation and map their duties and TORs for the region and district commissioners’ BRA at all district levels
  • He / She will work with the reconciliation and stabilization office to design reconciliation activities and conflict mapping mitigation and conflict navigating through the reconciliation advisor.
  • Support district development staff in identifying the scope of inclusive community participation in the reconciliation planning process TOR and assign specific roles and responsibilities through an inclusive process in BRA. And SRSP
  • This position is relevant to lighting from UNDP and partnership with BRA to support the reconciliation and conflict resolution to BRA from the new program SRSP



  • Having a master’s degree in management science, community development, public administration, or a related field


Work Experience and Requirements


  • At least 8 years of professional experience in developing policies and strategies
  • Minimum 7 years of practical experience in community development, stabilization, and conflict resolution
  • Having specific knowledge and experience in the development of Mogadishu’s infrastructure including roads and sewage
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the cross-cutting themes of capacity development programs
  • Having strong written and oral communication skills, including the editing, oversight or preparation of technical reports, and the presentation of information to local government Benadir Region entities
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of public administration development issues.
  • Strong interpersonal and public relations skills to work effectively with various officials, staff, citizens and other stakeholders
  • Ability to understand and manage high-profile, sensitive or controversial political situations
  • Having a good knowledge of local government and federal laws and regulations
  • Ability to develop and implement strategic plans.
  • Ability to exercise sound and independent judgment within general policy guidelines
  • Specific experience in carrying out the tasks described in this TOR.


HOW TO APPLY: This is an internal vacancy. All qualified interested candidates are required to bring their CVs and Cover letters to the Chief staff office of the Mayor and BRA HRM  in Hamarweyne district not later than 15 July 2023