VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT for SRSP Senior Coordinator and Lead SRSP

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This position is senior coordinator and SRSP lead Program



Banadir regional admiration.

Somalia State-building and Reconciliation Program (SRSP)


Terms of Reference (ToR BRA)



Background & Context.


Benaadir Regional Administration, popularly referred to as Mogadishu municipality, is the capital of the Republic Of Somalia. The city, governed by a mayor, is divided into 17 districts. And three communal Districts are Abdiaziz, Bondhere, Daynile, Hamar- Jajab, Hamar-Weyne, Hodan, Howl-Wadag, Hiliwa, Kaxda, Karan, Shangani, Shibis, Waberi, Wadajir, Warta Nabada, Yaqshid and Dharkenley other three communal are Daru-salaam. Gubadley and Garasbaley.



Main Duties and Responsibilities:



  • Work with BRA partners, including MOIFAR FGS and other international partners, to design programs and provide strategic leadership for program implementation on the ground both nationally and internationally, he will represent the BRA.


  • Performs functions of effective supervision and guidance for the proper delivery of stabilization and reconciliation programs including state-building and projects.
  • Initiates and conducts baseline assessments in BRA to identify needs and gaps in stabilization and reconciliation programs.
  • Initiates and develops effective coordination, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms aimed at exploiting output
  • Ensures the provision of effective technical assistance for stabilization and reconciliation program implementation, becoming the first port of call for the implementing partners, whether through the provision of direct technical assistance or the identification and facilitation of alternative support options.
  • Provides innovative and proactive liaison and coordination services for program implementation and dissemination; Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing and ensures that program results are known and understood by a wide constituency
  • Establishes and maintains contacts and effective relationships with BRA/MOM officials, partner agencies, and non-governmental and governmental organizations;
  • Plans, organizes and implements capacity development activities by transferring skills to BRA staff through workshops on Coordination, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Perform program Management functions and provide effective supervision and guidance to the project personnel in ensuring effective program implementation


  • Ensure the provision of effective technical assistance to project implementation, becoming the first part of the call for the implementation partners, whether through the provision of direct technical assistance or the identification and facilitation of alternative support options
  • He/ She will be responsible for coordinating the SRSP program to lead all relevant of that project


  • This position is relevant to lighting from UNDP and partnership with BRA to support the reconciliation and conflict resolution to BRA from the new program SRSP




  • Having a Bachelor’s degree with four years of experience or a master’s degree in Conflict management, political science conflict resolution public administration, or a related field


Work Experience and Requirements



  • At least four or five years of in experience conflict resolution mitigation, peacebuilding reconciliation strategy, policy, planning, and management is preferable. Experience in and knowledge of solving conflicts of the context at BRA and proven record of reconciliation.
  • Proven record of worked conflicts, reconciliation mediation between local governments, or stabilization and social cohesion or social reconciliation and coherence.
  • Deceitful strategy policy reconciliation and democratization are distinct levels of benefits.
  • Experience local context and understand the local government of Mogadishu and BRA to also different local and international partners with proven areas of conflict mapping reconciliation and stabilization including understanding local politics and culture.
  • A full understanding the democratization, decentralization, Federalism
  • Precise experience in resounding out the tasks described in this TOR.
  • Experience in community expansion, stabilization, conflict resolution, and community development at the district level or regional level.
  • Compulsory previously worked BRA or working at least 7 years with Mogadishu local Government and BRA.
  • Fluent in English and Somalia language is necessary


HOW TO APPLY: This is an internal vacancy. All qualified interested candidates are required to bring their CVs and Cover letters to the Chief staff office of the Mayor and BRA HRM  in Hamarweyne district not later than 15 July 2023