Considering how sensitive the issue of land is in Somalia, a sound administration of land is hence one of the most important tasks not – only to the Department of Public works, but also to Benaadir Regional Administration and the people of Benaadir.

We understood the role of this department to be administration of both public and community land on behalf of Benaadir Regional Administration. This department is also responsible for Land Settlement, Land Adjudication and Land Administration.

This department is charged with the responsibility of:

• Establishing and managing land control boards

• Processing and approval of development applications e.g. issuance of consents to charge, lease or transfer, alienation of land for development to public institutions and individuals.

Additionally, this department is charged with the issuance of title deeds under various registration regimes, receiving and registration of documents. The Land registration has the following sections:

• Records section

• Land rent section &

• Plans record office.

Adjudication division of this department is responsible for ascertaining rights and interests on land in trust land areas and transformation of ownership from customary tenure to individual/group ownership through demarcation, survey and registration.

The Department of Land will be charged with the overall responsibility of ensuring efficient planning, administration and sustainable management of the land resource in Benaadir.

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