This department develops and directs professional staff and works in collaboration with volunteer

leaders to implement Benaadir electoral strategies. Alongside coordinating departmental electoral

efforts, it also focuses on promoting political campaigns. Additionally, the department supervises

or coordinates staff working directly in election campaigns.


Key functions include:

a) Monitoring and evaluation of political and electoral activity, public opinions, and the

general political climate affecting the Benaadir state.

b) Working with department staff and volunteer leaders to formulate medium and longrange

goals, objectives and strategies for the department’s electoral program and

efforts to build political power.

c) Directing and overseeing training programs, issue projects, and other development

activities related to political campaigns.

d) Working with Director of Finance & Administration to maintain budgetary and

regulatory compliance within the electoral program

e) Participating fully in assigned issue campaign teams to provide strategic insight on

overall approach, outreach and implementation.

f) Providing support and technical services to the Benaadir electoral committees

g) Directing the Benaadir efforts in electoral campaigns, including the development of

campaign strategies, allocation of resources, and supervision of political staff.

Office of the Deputy Mayor - Political Affairs & Security, Mogadishu

Opening hours

  • Monday
    8:00 am - 12:00 am
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